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powerful presence on any stage, Joel White is dynamic, musical and entertaining in equal measure. Soul, Blues, Jazz and Funk are the languages he most fluently speaks. Since the age of 7 playing music has been a part of his life, starting with guitar then diversifying and adapting to becoming a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter.

Whilst building a multi-faceted portfolio career Joel has worked behind the scenes with great acts including 10cc, Sophie Ellis Bextor and The Three Degrees. On stage his skill in listening and engaging with others musically has taken him around the world including performances in the US, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and as far afield as Australia. At the start of this new chapter, Joel is making strides at home and on foreign soil, taking his music to a wider audience. 

His influences include the likes of B.B. King, Ray Charles, Aretha, Prince, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Jon Cleary, Stevie Wonder, Dire Straits, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and many more. Sharing passion and enthusiasm in communication of emotion and feeling are central to the music Joel creates.

In recent years Joel's performance credits include 10cc, Aynsley Lister, Heidi Burson and support for Lisa Mills,The Animals and Maggie Bell And The BritishBlues Quintet and many more.

'All You Need' - Live At The 100 Club London

'Share With You'


About The Diamond Experience:

More than a band name

The Diamond Experience is a metaphor, a vehicle for describing the ethos of the project and how music is able to help me on my life journey. There are a number of different aspects to the meaning that I feel supports me (and hopefully the audience) as I learn and grow as an artist and musician.

  • Diamond is a catalyst: In certain cultures Diamond is understood to emphasise, empower and boost other energies that it interacts with. I feel strongly that music has the power to heal and uplift in a number of ways and this can be amplified with the right intent.
  • Strength: Derived from the latin for adamant (incorruptible), I feel that including the diamond imagery, name and terminology helps strengthen the project and it's aims. In another way diamonds strength is used to cut through almost anything. I feel that being used in communication, the diamond metaphor can help the communication of music and it's healing properties.
  • Multi-Faceted: I am myself a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter, a band manager, music consultant and many other things. I would also expand the metaphor to describe each band member, possibly each audience member, as a 'facet' of the greater diamond we become. By coming together with conscious intent we can create a uniquely beautiful moment in time that we can share and enjoy.
  • Clarity: In clear communication, clarity of purpose, clarity of mind and a number of other possibilities in meeting our aims and goals while supporting each other.
  • Beauty: every Diamond, although made of one of the most common elements, is beautiful. We may be everyday people but by coming together in music, in celebration of each other we create something truly beautiful. 
  • Transformation: Every Diamond has endured and been created through incredibly difficult circumstances, pressures and tests that transformed it from it's original state to one we value greatly.  Also, some of my favourite music (gospel, soul, blues, jazz, and more) has come from times in history that words don't adequately describe the pressures and challenges faced in human relationship. The role music played in these times and relationships is significant and important as it is still part of the foundation of the music we can hear everyday. We all face a multitude of difficulties in different ways, but by using the Diamond metaphor I continue on my journey in music knowing that I may find incredible challenges and circumstances that test me but I am moving forward with the intention to learn, grow and transform for my highest good. 
  • The Experience: In sharing my music and passion for it I am sharing my experience and what I have learned and felt up to that point. In addition, this is what can bring us together. The fact that we all share the experience when we gather to enjoy music and what it does for us, how it moves us.
I don't expect everyone to subscribe to these beliefs or statements but I choose to use them to help me on my musical path. 

The Diamond Experience
As drawn/painted by Mark Golding of Sacred Geometry Mandalas.